The Black Suits

Lucas’s father vanished without a trace fifteen years ago. Now 32, Lucas still spends his days chasing leads. At night, for reasons he can’t understand, he is haunted by recurring dreams of a mysterious woman he has never met before.

Lucas gets the first real break on what happened to his father when he returns to the WWII museum his father used to curate and discovers a device that transports him to Manhattan, 1940. Now he knows where his father disappeared to. Unfortunately he’s too late. His father, working as a secret agent in this old world, was recently murdered by a nefarious group known as the Black Suits. Vowing to avenge his father, Lucas discovers the Black Suits now hunt a Jewish refugee named Elsa—a refugee Lucas recognizes as the woman from his dreams.

As Lucas races to destroy the enemy and rescue Elsa, he learns that the Black Suits are actually a mantis-like alien species in disguise, with superhuman capabilities and an evil agenda that includes the atrocities yet to come in the world war. With millions of lives at stake, Lucas must find a way to not only save the love of his life, but to also change the course of history.

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    • Thanks, Jivan…. there’s a piano playing scene that you could dub for the film version — can you work out a good arrangment for “All The Things You Are” — a beautiful oldie by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein?

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