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Donald Cowper Donald Cowper was born in Toronto, and has been writing all his life. His first work, Flying to Space, was a story about aliens abducting a young boy and taking him on a joy ride to Mars—written at the age of seven, and as yet unpublished. His lifelong obsession with both history and paranormal phenomena is what inspired The Black Suits trilogy, for which research included self-guided walking tours of Manhattan as well as several viewings of Casablanca and The X-Files reruns. Truly a hardship.

Donald is a professional member of the Canadian Authors Association, the DNA Writers Study Group and a former member of and contributing writer to the Canadian UFO Research Network. He has coauthored five narrative non-fiction books, one of which became the number 1 business book in Canada. His most recent book was praised by best-selling authors Tim Ferriss (The 4-hour Workweek), Michael Gerber (The E-Myth) and Daniel Pink (Drive).

He writes fiction at night and by day is the COO of a marketing consultancy and coauthor of a popular business advice column on Inc.com.

7 thoughts on “About Donald

  1. Im sure that you are the same Donald Cowper that I went to school with when we were really young at Bishop Strachan School. I just happened to come across you on Facebook and looked up website. Congratulations with the novel.

    • Thanks! I remember being so worried about how I played dead because I could feel my tongue moving inside my mouth. If you look closely, you can see it 🙂

      • I always thought you were so cute in that skit, I don’t know what year you were born I was born in 66 and was in Michigan United I was a kid and still am used to watch A CTV my mom and I after everything else was off on TV we still had Canada loved watching SCTV and finding out the Joe flarity passed away just about to kill me today.

        • Hi Michelle! Thanks for note! Well, I am a member of club ’66 too 🙂 A very good year. And yes, such sad news about Joe. He was so wonderful to me when we worked together! So very funny and kind!

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